Many people ask, "What is Energy work/Intuitive Communication, and why is it important?" It is many things, but, basically, it is opening up the information that already exists within each of us. We all store energies inside our cells and tissues, and this energy is what makes us who we are. We store the energy as "pictures," and learning to differentiate between your pictures, and someone else's, is essential to recognizing your own information. It is an ability that we all have, and it is simply a matter of learning to navigate through it, and interpret what you see.

The originator of the type of energy work I practice, and teach, is Lewis S. Bostwick. He grew up seeing and hearing things that others did not, and, with the help of various mystics and psychics, he discovered methods that greatly enhanced and assisted his natural gifts. His goal was to pass on the tools and techniques that he had learned over the course of his life, in order to help others with the same gifts. Tens of thousands of people have learned his meditation techniques, tools like grounding and running energy, which helps integrate body and spirit to enhance personal autonomy. 

We have all experienced that "feeling" when we intuit something. Many times, we doubt ourselves, and don't follow our intuition, and that is where we start to get stuck in our pictures. 

In a private session, we will explore your energetic field together, and I will reflect back to you the "story" your energy is telling. My training in the field, plus, over a decade of working closely with clients, has shown me that these tools are absolutely necessary for the new energy on the planet, and the new paradigms coming in. These sessions consistently help clients in dissolving energetic blocks, release stress and anxiety, and assist with depression, to name a few benefits. 


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You are a beautiful butterfly!

You are a beautiful butterfly!