Many people have asked me "What is Intuitive Communication?" It is many things, but, basically, it is opening up the information that already exists within each of us. We all store energies inside our cells and tissues, and this energy is what makes us who we are. We store the energy as "pictures," which is part of my training. I had to learn to differentiate between my pictures, and someone else's. It is an ability that we all have, it is simply a matter of learning to navigate through it, and intepret what you see.

I think we all know what Intuitition is, and we have all experienced that "feeling" when we intuit something. Many times, we doubt ourselves, and don't follow our intuition, and that is where we start to get stuck in our pictures. When I am doing a reading, I go into a quiet space in my head, and imagine a reading screen, where I can see the pictures you show me. I can give you communication on your pictures and what energies you might be stuck on. (Don't worry, I can't see anything that you do not want me to see!) For example, you may show me a picture of yourself, wrapped up in a warm jacket, obviously cold. From this, I can deduce that you are "frozen," or stuck in a picture, or series of pictures. I can then see you using some different colors (how energy looks most of the time) to move out of that space. At the end of the read, in the days that follow, you would start to notice that your thinking has shifted, and you are moving in a different direction, maybe not as angry as you have been about a certain situation. This is how it feels when you clear a picture. Sometimes it is just one, and other times it is many, layered on top of one another.

Many people are suffering from lack of validation, and that is one of the primary focuses of my readings. I can validate you for who you really are, deep inside, and, in my reading space, I do not have opinions or judgements on anything. I am only there to reflect back what you want to show me, and what you want to work on.

I will NEVER give you advice of any kind, or try to tell the future. I am only here to validate and support your spiritual path and growth as YOU want it. I am the mirror to reflect your ultimate inner truth.

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Love Yourself