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My life had been full of drama and tragedy, and I was wallowing in the pain from all that had occurred. Possessing a beautiful mind, I struggle with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Medications left me affected like a stroke victim and full of delusions. Cutting back to just the right medications and then asking Andrea to be my life coach has worked a true miracle. Andrea doesn’t always say the things I want to hear, but she does say the things I need to hear. On an emotional level, I am more balanced than ever before in my life. My relationships are stronger - and that is not a simple matter for my diagnosis. I have hobbies now, and I go to school. Life brings me joy. Brief, daily interaction with Andrea lets me know my thinking is on track and keeps me moving forward, and weekly sessions help me set goals. Now, the sky is the limit! I am capable and happy; whereas, when I first began my sessions with Andrea, I was almost headed to assisted living. “Miraculous” is the only way to describe my transformation, my family is astounded.
— Patty Kim

Thank you for the Intuitive Communication session, Andrea. Afterwards, I rested, then went for a long walk on the beach, which was truly enlightening. I felt like I was in another dimension. I came home and had a very productive conversation with my son.

I feel very much lighter and will use the tools you gave me to focus my energy and sleep better!
— Debbie M.
I received a Chakra and Aura Reading / Healing from Andrea and I was completely blown away by the accurate and detailed information given in her report. This reading brought to my attention the things in my life that were holding me back from moving forward in my life. I highly recommend her services :)
— Vicki
I was in no way apprehensive to have a session with Andrea because my brother has always spoken so highly of her to me and my mum. We connected via Skype and all in all I was blown away by how accurate her reading was. She brought up colors that associate with your inner being, along with chakras and what each one meant to me. I was left reassured and extremely enlightened after my reading, along with sleeping regularly! Thank you so much, Andrea, for taking the time and effort to shed some of your knowledge and pass on such great vibes.
— Hannah Martin