The Story of Alchemy

It all started from a necessity, as most ideas do. My new baby seemed to have every allergy in the book, including laundry soap, lotions, perfumes, etc. So, I set out to find all natural, non petroleum products, which worked well, and smelled good. I had very limited success, so I began to research making my own. After many experiments and much trial and error, I discovered a few regular products which worked, were non allergenic, and appealing to my very sensitive sense of smell. They grew into a full product line, and now, years later, people want to know where I got the fabulous face wash, or why my skin always looks so healthy, and my teeth are so white. I am constantly improving my formulas based on customer feedback, and personal experience. ****Please message me for custom orders. I love new challenges! 

Intuitive Oil Blends

I began experimenting with using my intuitive senses to hone in on essential oil blends to assist individuals in their personal journeys, with great results. These blends seem to help people to find comfort, and grow by leaps and bounds in their personal lives. I am pleased to offer these blends to everyone, as I can tap into your energies from anywhere, as long as you have given me permission to look at your energy. 

Please check out my product page for more details, and to order! Follow me on Facebook for current events and promotions. 

Andrea garst, chief alchemist

Andrea garst, chief alchemist