How to Create Wonderful Things for Yourself

A wise teacher once told me, "We create everything that happens in our lives, and we are never victims. So, if you find yourself excelling at creating terrible things for yourself, you are a very powerful creator, so what if you used that power to create amazing things for yourself?" I have experienced different levels of this phenomenon, and one of the most recent was one of the most profound yet:

My birthday month! 

My birthday month! 

I was at the Post Office (PO) the other day, and, when I walked in, all the open windows were busy, and 2 men were in line. I took my place behind them, and began to wait. It soon became apparent that it was going to take a much longer time than any of us had anticipated, and people grew impatient. The man at the front of the line started tapping his parcel impatiently against the counter. I felt myself responding to the energy, and became agitated, as well. Angry thoughts were racing through my head, as I started tapping my foot and sighing. I turned around, and saw the bushes outside, and suddenly, I realized, “I can change this experience! I have tools!” I felt my body automatically ground, and I began to ground and own the building, then, one by one, I grounded all the people in the place, and hooked them up with a golden cord to creator, for healings, if they wanted one. The man in the front was the angriest, his energy was black, so I bubbled him up, to shield the rest of us from being affected. Seconds, later, he turned to the man behind him and commented that he could deliver this package himself, in the time it was taking. I asked him where it was being shipped to, and he explained that it had been delivered to his mailbox by mistake, and he was just trying to get it back to the PO, for an in town delivery. I told him he could put it in any mailbox and they would take it for him, if he just wrote, “delivered to wrong address” on the parcel. No need to wait in line! He thanked me, and left. ONE DOWN. Next, the man in front of me turned around and showed me his letter, which was stamped and addressed, “Can I just put this in the mailbox, too?” I told him yes, and as he left, I shouted out, “TWO DOWN!” And everyone laughed. He grinned and waved.  Just then, a window opened up and it was my turn! The postal worker, looking harried, barely looked at me as I approached the window, “May I help you?” I smiled and waited for her to look up. When she did, I looked her in the eye, and told her, “You are doing a fantastic job, with all these impatient people in line!” Her entire face changed, and opened up with her beautiful smile. She thanked me and shared a little of her frustration, and as I finished up my business and made my way out, I had a HUGE smile on my face, too.

In the days since, I have been able to turn around a couple of other situations by simply using these tools, and it has been astounding. I have begun to realize that I can apply these tools to anything I am struggling with, which is absolutely empowering, and can be for you, as well! Your thoughts eventually shape your reality, so by simply realizing that one fact, you can begin to shift. When you feel yourself starting negative self talk, or attempting to shift the blame to someone else (victim space), you can shift the energy into empowerment and start to really be conscious of how much you are allowing others to "drive your car" and move into a different role for yourself. Many people are struggling with powerlessness in light of the current political climate, and that has created a shift in levels of depression, and anger. Hopefully, you can come to a place where you realize that your fear, anger, etc. is actually gasoline on an already blazing fire, since the things you pour your energy into, are the things that grow, and expand. Once you realize that, it is a short leap to begin to shift it, and focus on positive change, and begin creating change with compassion, and love. 

Before you ask, NO, every day is not amazing for me. MOST days are amazing, but I am also on my journey, and trust me, we are ALL feeling the intense energies happening on the planet right now. I had a day last week where I sobbed like a baby for a day, which is great, because I got to clear some really painful energies, which were obstacles on the path that I have chosen. I don't really subscribe to the "no pain, no gain" belief, but sometimes it IS like that. 

If you would like to learn more, email me, using the contact form, and let's talk. I have some classes coming up, and I also offer individual sessions, via Skype or phone. My goal is to help others discover their inner gifts and power, so that we can create the tomorrows that will serve the highest good of all, and the planet. We all deserve happiness and love, and it begins AND ENDS with YOU <3