Where are you NOW?

On my beach walk this morning, I happened to go a little earlier than usual, as I knew it was going to be hot today (In November, 79, really????).  I noticed how the air was so dry it almost hurt to draw breath, the sun was hot on my back, and I decided to walk further than usual. I reached the point where I was to turn around, and suddenly, the sun was right in my face.  I was wearing sunglasses, but it was so bright and intense that it hurt my eyes.  I tried to shade myself with my hand, but my arm soon grew tired.  I tried tooking sideways, but that isn't the best idea when walking on a crowded path.  I wished I had a hat, had worn sunblock, and I felt my energy spiraling downward very quickly. Suddenly, I looked out at the ocean, and noticed how smooth the water was, like a silken blanket, only marred by the occational surfer or paddleboarder.  It ocurred to me that I had begun this path, and the only way to finish it, was to face the brutal searing heat in my face.  The only way back was through the discomfort.  I could choose to focus on the negatives, or I could accept my path and try to see the positives.  Immediately, I noticed the beautiful fragrant roses, the adorable puppy wagging its tail at me, and the spring in my step returned.  I was so uplifted, I almost broke into a run.  I finished my walk with a slight sunburn on my face, but I no longer attached negativity to that.  I live in a beautiful beach community, where I can walk on the beach year round.  That's enough to be thankful for.

I am HERE.

My message to you today is:  When you see the obstacles and less than ideal circumstances, you have a choice.  Will you choose to push these aside and focus on what you have to be thankful for?  Or will you choose to allow the negativity to engulf you, and thus; rob you of your joy?  To turn the tide, you must make different choices.  Sometimes they are painful, and hard.  Sometimes you might get burned.  But ultimately, change comes from making those hard choices, and isn't that what you want?  To reach your goals, you must step outside of your comfort zone and look where you are in the moment, pause, and be thankful for this.  It is your life.