What's that smell?

From a very young age, I have been ultra sensitive to smells.  I could smell atmospheric changes and electricity.  It was, many times, an annoyance, as there are many types of odors in the world, from the very pleasant, to the kind that make you gag.  I never knew that this was unique to me, I thought everyone could smell when it was about to rain.  I mentioned it to a friend one day and she looked at me like I was completely insane. She had never heard of someone being able to smell the atmospheric changes.  I started to notice it in other ways, and soon I became self conscious of it, and I wouldn't ask someone, "What's that smell?" because most of the time, I was the only one who could smell it. Roses smell heavenly!

When I began my intuitive training, the most commonly used phrase at the center was "everything is energy." It took me a while, but I soon embraced this philosophy fully.  One area that I have begun to translate into energy is this heightened sense of smell.  A man I dated a few years back began to have a different smell to him.  It became stronger and stronger and finally, I asked him if he was using a different aftershave, eating something new, or taking some medication. He could not think of anything, and I finally had to admit that it must be part of his energetic signature, shifting somehow.  It became so repellant that I could not even bring myself to kiss him, and even though he tried everything, it would not go away.  We finally broke up, and I realized that, as we were growing apart, the smell was growing stronger and more abhorrent!  I finally understood that this is a gift of mine, and I need to listen to it.  It can tell me when someone has been drinking, when they are unhealthy, or even if they are too sad to shower regularly.  I can use this perception to heighten my intuition even further!

I am very excited that I have made this discovery and I wanted to share it with you all immediately.  I am sure there are many of you who have heightened senses, and can totally relate.  I look forward to hearing your stories!

Smells like a good day! Much love xxxxxx