Are you RIGHT?

I don't know of anyone who wakes up and says to themselves "I'm going to do the WRONG thing today".  Even Ted Bundy had a justification for why he did what he did.  So tell me, why would you assume that the person who cut you off in traffic had a personal vendetta against YOU?  We all have reasons and justifications for the things we do.  Sometimes, we can even admit that what we DID was wrong, but think about it:  Would you pursue a course of action if you really thought it was the wrong thing to do?  I don't think our minds would allow us to do that.  It's not humanly possible.

Next time someone does something that causes your anger to surface, ask yourself if you think they purposely tried to make you upset.  If the answer is no, then perhaps you can ask questions instead of making accusations.  When you launch into a full scale attack to an unsuspecting individual, you are now the one who is creating the problem.  Instead, you could ask, "What did you mean by that?"  or "That makes me feel uneasy" and see what the response is.  If they really ARE trying to make you upset, then maybe you can ask yourself if you are willing to give them control of your emotions and let them pass you the "pain baton", as I have discussed in my earlier post.  And, as far as the person who cut you off in traffic, let's go ahead and assume that he is in a hurry because his wife just called and wants him to stop at the store on the way home to pick up medication for their sick child.  Because, you really don't know anyone else's situation, and does it serve you to sit in your car and fume?  Maybe your focus on that car in front of you will cause you to cut someone off, and the wave continues.

When you step outside of your ego, and really think about it, other people are generally just trying to get through their day, believing that they are right, and good people.  We ALL want to be right.  Just make sure that you are not more concerned with being right, than being accurate.  Taking a deep breath and asking questions is the best way to let everyone come out with a good feeling, and pass along the "love baton".

Let love prevail!