Feel it or fight it???

When we are faced with unfamiliar feelings, our first instinct is to fight it. Often times, we are successful in our quest to avoid the uncomfortable emotions, and we feel accomplished and relieved. The problem with this is that, in not dealing with the feelings, we have simply prolonged the inevitable, and perhaps in some cases, we have created a pocket of fear around something that does not necessarily deserve it. We think we are insulated in our safe little haven of good feelings and instead, we are simply existing in denial. Life is about challenges, and overcoming them, in order to learn and evolve. When I hear people talking about how evolved they are, and how everyone else is somehow "spiritually deficient," I have to wonder, if you are so evolved, why do you feel that you need to judge someone on their life path? Feeling self righteous is a sure sign that you are looking to distract yourself from opening a new door. In this way, we can live our whole lives in a cycle of denial, thus fooling ourselves into believing that we are "done" and can "relax." Certainly there is a place where you have inner peace and happiness. But I can honestly say that I when I find myself pointing the finger away from myself, that is the time when I need to really pay attention. People are on individual paths, and I do not have to choose to heal them , or accompany them, but I do have the power to love them where they are. Is that not an awesome power?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!!