Making things work ... or not?????

Do you ever wonder why, when you want something REALLY badly, you seem to lose it? And then, when you let it go, and you are truly over it, it comes back? I believe this happens for several reasons. First, when you try to "make" something work, it feels forced, or fake. And especially when other people are involved, they will resist. Even the meekest of souls will instinctively back away from being pushed into something. If you have to push to make something work, then it isn't meant to be. Consider the alternative: letting things happen on their own. You will have to relinquish control, but there is a freedom in that. The freedom of not pulling the strings 24/7. The ability to relax and trust that things will be the way they are supposed to be. I see this time after time. The fact of the matter is that these opportunities are there for us every day. We have to simply identify them. Only then can you make a conscious decision to let the universe, God, or whatever you believe in, take over. Be proactive, and absolutely don't let life pass you by, but there is also a place of peace, where you can let things take their natural course. The next thing that happens is that you stop trusting the natural course of things. If someone says they will call you, and then repeatedly doesn't, what do you do? Do you call them and try to fix it? Or do you let it go, realizing that this person isn't matched up with you at this point in your life? I used to be the former kind of person, now I strive to be the latter. I realized that people will do the things they really want to do, and if being my friend isn't that high on the priority list, that's fine, but I deserve better. I'm not saying that these people are bad, but you can certainly choose to surround yourself with people who appreciate you and genuinely want to nurture a friendship. We match up with others when it is right. Not everyone is evenly matched, and yes, there IS someone for everyone:).

My goal is to trust the universe to lead me in the direction that I'm supposed to be going. Only then will I know true peace. Otherwise, I'm destined to spend my life trying to micro-manage my life, and THAT is an exhausting concept. Wishing you all peace and contentment during the holidays!!!