Having what you want

I watched "The Secret" again last night, and it really made me look at my thought processes lately. When we find ourselves in a negative place, where we are constantly expecting the worst, guess what? You will manifest that. If you expect to get bills every day and not have enough money, YOU WILL. So, I have developed a mantra. Any time I feel those negative thoughts coming in, I say to myself over and over, "Happy, Healthy, Wealthy", until I feel at peace again. And WOW it really works! A week after I started this, I find myself in a completely different place mentally. Things have started to move forward in my life again.

The Law of Attraction is simple. If you think it, you will manifest it. I think everyone can agree that we are basically life forms that run on pure energy. The atom is energy, and that is what our physical bodies are made of. If we focus all our energy on negative things, we will draw those things to us. So why not focus on drawing in all the things we want? I've always believed that If you focus on what you DON"T want, you will get that. So why not try focusing on what you DO want? Instead of, "I'll never find a parking place," "I bet I'll find a spot right away."  I gotta tell you, this really works!  Imagine what you could have if you really set your mind to it? I hear guys saying all the time, "I always end up with crazy women," and guess what? They are absolutely correct! I wonder what would happen if those same guys developed a mantra, "I will find the perfect woman for me," every time they hear this other negativity start up? I feel confident that they would notice a shift very quickly. Same with a job, or money, or health, or anything that you find is not as you want it. Why do some people have all the luck? The Law of Attraction. They have subconsciously developed a positive thought pattern which creates the things they want, simply by postulating it.

The way I see it, what do I have to lose by trying this? I have SO much to gain. I hope you all are willing to create the lives you can imagine for yourself.