Living in the Flow

As I walked into the store, I heard my name called out, loud enough for me to hear; yet somehow, still soft. I turned to see my friend Michael waving at me from his car, and I ran over to give him a hug. We spoke briefly of the lovely synchronicity and intense energies we had both been feeling lately, and then he mentioned how much he loves Kombucha. I paused and reflected upon the fact that I actually had some of my home brewed booch in my car, because a young woman had asked to meet and buy some, but was unable to make it at the last minute. Michael was thrilled to get the jar, and we both went on our merry way.

Blueberry Vanilla Home Brewed Kombucha. Delicious and Uber Healthy!

Blueberry Vanilla Home Brewed Kombucha. Delicious and Uber Healthy!

These kinds of events are occurring more and more frequently, as I have dedicated the last couple of years of my life, learning to live in the flow of energy, rather than try to control it. No action is wasted, and nothing is by accident, if you are living in the flow. Perhaps you had your sights set on a certain job, or relationship, and it did not come to you. This is simply the way energy moves. If you are vibrating at a certain frequency, only other frequencies that match yours, or compliment yours, will be able to exist in your energetic field.

When I got the young woman's message that she would not be able to meet me, I felt irritation, initially. I had driven across town at rush hour to meet her, and had plenty to be mad about, IF I CHOSE THAT. It is always a choice, and when you start to feel that emotion coming up, check in with yourself. Aren't you mad at yourself, really? I agreed to meet her, I knew it was rush hour, and I knew she had young children. Yet I still agreed, and so I looked at that within myself. It passed within a few minutes, as soon as I realized that this was just an energetic readjustment. Someone else needed this Kombucha, and I was across town for a reason. I started to feel excited, and that's when I got out of the car, and started walking into the store. Running into Michael was a beautiful connection, as his energy is always so bright. We jive energetically, and that is why we are drawn together. Anyone in your tribe falls into that category. There is a reason why they say, "Birds of a Feather Flock Together". It's energy, pure and simple.

Angel Messages come to us in many ways, and numbers is one of the most prolific. Have you been seeing any number sequences in your daily life? Pay attention, for these are messages. What were you thinking about when you saw the sequence? Trace it back and you will receive clarity on your inner dialogue.

Angel Messages come to us in many ways, and numbers is one of the most prolific. Have you been seeing any number sequences in your daily life? Pay attention, for these are messages. What were you thinking about when you saw the sequence? Trace it back and you will receive clarity on your inner dialogue.

I've been privileged to study the philosophy of energy and how we can use it to create the life we really want, and stay on course, so as to avoid costly and painful "adjustments". I've learned to pay attention when the energy shifts, so that I can adjust my course and start driving my own car, energetically speaking. I am still a novice, but I do feel more and more drawn to sharing this with others. I love my private practice, and it is growing by leaps and bounds too, as I surrender to the flow. It really works!

Sending Love and Blessings to you all <3

Spiritual Ego Traps and How They Hurt You

There is an alarming trend sweeping society these days, and it is born directly from Ego. We will call it Spirituality Gaming: When a spiritually-minded individual refuses to support another, due to fear of the other person becoming more successful than themselves. This is rampant in our circles, and it is particularly noticeable in a community of energy workers, because it directly conflicts with the message we are attempting to convey. What if you could trust that there will always be enough? What if you allowed everything to gravitate naturally toward what flows, rather than trying to validate your own Ego by pulling everything towards you?  

This is an attitude born of a “lack mentality”. Most of us were taught that there is only a certain amount of money, success, etc., and if we do not hustle and outmaneuver others, we will miss our chance. I live in a town of 70,000 people, a university town. If even half the people in this city need spiritual guidance, there are not enough energy workers to help, as it stands. So, why are we all scrabbling among each other? It is the lack principle, and the patriarchal system at work, telling us “If you don’t work hard, you will fail”, or some other nonsense. There is enough; in fact, there is more than enough for all of us to be 100% successful, and if you can simply trust this, and let go of your need to feel validated (Ego), you will see this very clearly.  

Ego Traps.png

A “lack” mindset makes you stressed, and creates fear, doubt, and worry. Trusting that there is an abundance frees you from these shackles, and allows you to create from a sense of excitement again. You cannot truly create in your passion from fear. Consider the situation which unfolded in my community recently, where I met a young woman who was in need of some guidance, crying and upset. We spoke briefly, and I soon realized that she might benefit from an energy reading, for clarity. I offered her a session, and she brightened up, nodding and saying she would contact me soon. After days had gone by, with no word from her, I was able to ascertain what had transpired. She works with another “healer” in the community, and this person had advised her not to work with me, out of fear that I might “take” her client. To me, this is not only spiritually unethical, it is the height of Ego that you would assume that you have all the answers for someone. First of all, everyone has their own answers. Secondly, I truly believe that working with a variety of energy workers has great value, for each person will mirror different energies back to you.  

When you are afraid of “losing” an opportunity, that is your inner doubt. If you can follow this energy thread all the way to its origin, you can address it, and shift it. For many years, I have been a follower of the lack principle, and that has not proven fruitful for me. I do not see it as truth any longer, and suddenly, I feel the desire to help others. I feel compelled to support my peers, and the more I truly love, and lift up, my fellow energy workers, the more that is flowing in my direction. Abundance is an energy, and if you align yourself with this vibration, you will find yourself in the flow. 

There is a woman who is a good friend and colleague of mine, and she embodies this for me on a regular basis. She had a client who she felt would benefit from what I teach, so she sent her over to me. This woman has blossomed and expanded her awareness so much in my classes, and I am so proud of her. I have sent her to another colleague in the community for another facet of her growth now, and she is thriving. We are happy for the client to receive the information she needs, from ALL of us. It is about helping each other, pure and simple. If you truly wish to help people, then you must address this within yourself, and recognize when your Ego is out of control. There is never fear, or doubt, when you are genuinely in the flow. Consider disappointment as The Universe’s way of showing you a different path. When things don’t “go your way”, consider that you may have no idea what you are doing, and step back. Allow the energy to bring to you what is FOR you, and release the need to control what comes in. This is truly what it means to be in the flow.  

3 Laws of Creation

There are 3 basic forces which create your reality: Past, Present, and Future. By the time you realize this, you have a Past, littered with mistakes and regret, and you sometimes find yourself paralyzed to effect any change in your own life. You start to sink into shame, and then you find addiction. Most people stay in the end stage for a very long time, and for most of us, this is depressing as hell. I have been delving into the dark side with my partner for a few months now, as he unhooks himself from some pharmaceutical dependencies. He sometimes wonders aloud, “Why would anyone invent a drug that is so hard to stop taking?”, and I have no answer. It’s honestly pretty bleak sometimes. But, that’s not where we choose to stay, and so I run my energy, get out in nature, breathe, and nourish my body and soul as much as I can possibly squeeze into the 24 hours that is the Present moment. In this way, I create a Future for myself where I have reserves of happy energy, just waiting for me to draw upon. My partner and I have learned to disconnect from each other’s energies so that we don’t drag each other under. This is what energy work is about for me.

PAST me.png

I don’t call myself a healer, because I believe everyone has the ability to heal themselves. I believe you are strong, and powerful, and able to effect change in your story of life. So, my mission has become to empower others to heal themselves. My message to you today, is to understand that you are the most powerful being in your Universe. You are the one who can make it all happen for yourself, or not. If you focus all your energy and time, blaming others for what they are “doing” to you, you are in a victim space, and that doesn’t leave room for empowerment. If you can shift out of blaming others, and start truly creating within yourself, there is no need for jealousy, competitiveness, or hatred.

Simply put, your past defines your future, but the present shapes the energy, and THAT is where the power truly lies. So, today, if you find yourself getting angry at someone, think about why. I mean, REALLY look at that for a second. Every Picture is created from conception to age 7: what if you are simply repeating the same patterns every 7 years? Lately, I have been having fun with this concept and it is literally blowing my mind, how a simple shift in perception can radically improve everything about your life.

Be well, fellow warriors! Happy Spring!

The Experience of a Sensitive Soul

All my life, I have been called “sensitive”. This is normally accompanied with an air of frustration and/or exasperation, and I would either get angry, or cry. Put this on repeat for the first 20 or so years of my life, when I finally reached a point where I would attempt to disguise my feelings, or use substances to keep them from coming up in the first place. Today, at the ripe old age of 50, I reflect back upon this experience, knowing that there are many such sensitive souls in the world, including my sons. My most sincere wish this holiday season is that we may create awareness around this issue, and develop a compassion for others, but mostly, for ourselves.

My sensitive nature got me in all sorts of situations, and I’m sure I was rude and angry to many people who had no idea what I was so upset about. I was so tangled up in my own shame and guilt, that I did not have the ability to see the inherent beauty in this trait, until, years later, I found a tribe in True Insight, a school for intuitives. Here, I learned that many others struggled with my affliction, and that, here, it was considered “normal”. My first few years at True Insight were spent dealing with all my internal pain, and learning how to clear it, rather than try to pass it off to others. Passing the “Pain Baton” is a very common societal program that we are taught from a very early age, on a subconscious level.

The most sensitive souls create the most beautiful landscapes..png

Once I started to accept that being sensitive was to my advantage in certain situations, I began to slowly rise out of the reality where I was a victim of everyone and everything. I started to react differently when others would be frustrated at my tears, or angry at my sensitive nature. No one wants to feel bad, and when you are in the paradigm in which you are responsible for other people’s feelings, you are stuck in a cycle of blame, shame, and guilt. This manifests as anger later in life, when you are exhausted and cannot take on any more energy. Eventually, that internal stress starts to cause Dis-ease in the body, and then, you classify yourself as “aging”. What if I were to tell you that you do not have to accept this as a normal process? What if there was another way? It requires you to look at some deep internal pain, and review your entire life, and everything as you know it, will change, including friendships, family, and career. That path to change is never easy, and if you truly wish to change your direction, and begin a new journey, I can promise you it will not be easy. However, I can also assure you that it is 100% worth it!

The past 15 years have been a struggle, and lots of pain has come up for my review. When you learn a new skill, you are given many opportunities to practice it. I have moved to a different state, changed jobs 4 or 5 times, and shifted my entire friend group a few times over. I was estranged from my family for a few years, but recently, reconnected with them, and since I am in a happier place, I am able to love all of them, and appreciate the differences we share. You see, when I shifted my energies towards loving myself and forgiving myself, those around me just naturally shifted, too. I know I have a lot more work ahead of me, but I am slowly stepping into a beautiful new reality, empowered by the deep inner knowing that I created this, and can continue to create more.

Wishing you all a glorious and wonderful holiday season! Many Blessings, Andrea

*****For more information, or to schedule a session, go to or email me

Righting the Wrongs: Does it even matter?

What if everyone was right, and also wrong, at the same time? What if your belief system was blown open tomorrow? Would you be lost, without direction, wondering who you are? Many would be, and that is why it is so important to remain open minded and curious. Your beliefs are formed from an early age, with many factors playing a part, including family structure, demographics, media exposure, and many more. When you are dedicated to being “right” and condemning others to being “wrong”, you are setting yourself up to, ultimately, fail.



A person who is set on being right, and judges others who are perceived to be wrong, is stuck in a loop of anger and frustration. I know, because I was stuck in this loop for a long time. I was always upset with someone, and frustrated that people seemed so “stupid”. I had no time to love because I was too busy judging and condemning everyone, including myself.

The political climate today has us pitted against each other. Women are hating men, and the men are hating themselves, defending themselves, and no one is feeling empowered. There is no true justice in the government, and no one will EVER be satisfied with the outcome of these processes. The media frenzy is creating distraction and division and we are falling into the trap by watching countless hours of testimony, participating in hateful and angry discussions on message boards, and arguing with our friends and family. STOP. Take a few breaths and ask yourself what is truly important to you. What are you avoiding or neglecting by putting all your energy into something that you cannot change?

Perhaps my view of a Utopian future is silly, and perhaps it is not. However; I will stay the course and choose to spend my energy on creating positive and meaningful change in my life, and the lives of others. I will spend my time hanging out with my 16 year old, who gets a lot of negativity and hate at school, and I want to show him there is another way. I want to have meaningful discussions about ideas, and dream of that Utopian society.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Being an Empath in this type of atmosphere is very challenging, and if you allow yourself to be pulled into the maelstrom, you will drown. You may find that you have to take medication in order to function, or you may rely on addictions to stem the rising tide of emotions that you can no longer seem to escape. Because of all this turmoil, I have been led to offer a new training course for Empaths and Intuitives. I will teach you all the tools I use in order to navigate this atmosphere of change and transition. I will teach you how to connect with your inner self so that you may thrive, regardless of external energies.

Many Blessings to you all today!

A Writer's Journey: Why Write?

How I feel when I write: Golden!

How I feel when I write: Golden!

If you are someone who, like me, has enjoyed reading and writing your entire life, and you suddenly find yourself in a world where no one wants to read, what do you do? I have been struggling with this question for a while, which is why my blog has been neglected. I have been writing my entire life, and blogging for quite some time. It is easy to feel discouraged when most people seem more interested in whatever is on YouTube, and the younger generation definitely doesn’t seem to want to sit and read anything, much less, a BLOG, “Why would you read it when you can watch it?”. So, I tried recording a few videos, and achieved limited success (see below), but it doesn’t FEEL the same for me. It isn’t the same type of expression as allowing my fingers to flow and clack over the computer keyboard and watching the screen, as my thoughts are translated into words on the page. It isn’t the same satisfaction for me. And so that is why I write. I write to Inspire myself, and I write to create.

Many of my students and clients tell the same story, again and again. “Why can’t life just flow easily for me?” “Why am I depressed and sad, even when I am supposedly doing my due diligence when it comes to work, relationships, etc?” The answer is always the same: Find your Joy, and follow it. Follow it even when others tell you you’re being silly, or no one cares. Follow it through the darkness and right on into the light. It will ALWAYS lead you home.”

So, I give myself the same advice. I will write because it is my Joy, and that is where I will focus. I love to teach, also, and I am hosting a new class in October, called Intuitive Training, for all Empaths and Intuitives who wish to take their practive to the next level. Whether you are new to the path or have been on it for a long time, this is for you. You will learn tools that will empower you in ways you have never felt before. You will learn how to heal yourself from the inside out so that you can truly release what others think of you and take back your energy, all in a loving energy. Learn how to truly “DO YOU”.

If you read all the way down here, you must really like to read, and you may be one of my soul family! I appreciate you! Many blessings today, Andrea

The Truth Always Wins

"Truth" is another term that has become overused and diluted by Ego. If we think we know the "truth", then we (Ego) feels the need to convince everyone around us that they must agree with our version, or they are wrong. This baffles me, time and time again: Why is your version of the truth the only one? What level of arrogance pulls you to this conclusion, that you are the end of the line on any information? We don't need to make everyone else wrong in order for us to be right. 

Every Perception is Valid 

I prefer to look at it like this: MY version of the truth is is yours, his, hers, and theirs. Perception is the name of the game in this scenario. If you can truly realize that everyone's perception is 100% valid, you can let go of that part of your Ego which traps you every time. If you are a teacher, speaker, or other kind of information dispenser, you will find yourself in situations where many people want to hear what you have to say, and you may get a lot of people to agree with your perception. However, there is always going to be at least one person who raises questions, and challenges your beliefs and information. This is such a great opportunity for you to grow and shift, if you choose to take it that way. 

closed mind.png

Your Beliefs Are Your Own

You are allowed to believe and think whatever you choose for your reality. Let's not confuse your opinion as fact, however. The cool thing about this concept is that is frees you, and everyone else, of needing others to validate your inner truth. You are the only one who can validate this for yourself, and even of you do get a few people (usually your friends) to agree with you, it isn't really true until YOU believe it. What if you had a belief that a group of people were "out to get you"? You might choose to go around and tell your friends how you are being targeted energetically, and these people are terrible, and so on. Pretty soon, you have spread this belief all over the place, and even though this group may or may not be "after you", you have created a vibe of mistrust and even the expectation that you are a target. This is energetic suicide, and all you have to do to change it, is to change your filter, and shift your belief. What if you went all over town with the belief that everyone loves you and accepts you just as you are? What kind of vibe do you think you would create with that? 

You choose your own reality, and if you can truly embrace that concept, you are limitless in your power to create the life that you desire! Today, create awareness around a limiting belief that you may have, and experiment with a new thought pattern, in the name of changing your Truth. It may be painful at first, as all new patterns tend to have an uncomfortable air about them at first, but you will get the hang of it, in due time. 

For more information and to learn energetic tools that will help you shift your limiting beliefs, email me or check out the video on my Home page. 

Dreaming in 5D: Messages from My Father

My father came to me in a dream last night. I was meeting my family to have dinner, and suddenly, I looked around and my father was next to me, vibrant, healthy, and happy. He smiled at me, with no trace of the Parkinson's that had crippled him for his last decade of life, and he took my hand as we walked along. He joked with me, like we used to do all the time, and then, he handed me a pair of glasses, telling me, "Put these on, you will see things differently." I did, and as I looked around through these glasses, I saw lights and colors on everything, it was as though the world had come alive in a whole new way. I took them off and handed them back to him, but he urged me to keep them. "Put them on when you are feeling discouraged", he said, and I tucked them away for safekeeping. I then turned to look at him again and said, "How are you here? You......died. I saw you in the casket, and they buried your body." He smiled at me and said nothing, just continued to walk alongside me. I saw my brother and sister in law ahead, and I called to them "Hey, wait up!" As I hurried to join them, my father disappeared, and I suddenly realized, I am the only one who saw him. I had wondered why no one else tried to talk to him, and I finally understood: He had only come to me. 

I have many prophetic dreams, and they always contain information that I must decipher. In the recent weeks, since my father's passing, I have had many, and have acted on them, for I have learned that this is my map for life. Time and time again, I have watched my dreams come to pass in this world we call "reality", and while others have dismissed them as simply dreams, I know better. In this reality, my father and I had lots of trouble communicating. In my dreams, it is easy, and I feel that our relationship will be stronger and more beneficial for both of us, in this 5D reality. 

I am stronger and more resilient with each day that passes, and even though I do feel sadness sometimes, and miss being able to hold my Father's hand, or see his smile, I still feel very connected to his spirit, which is so beautiful and free now. A few days ago, I was struggling to see the positive energy, and I saw a double rainbow right in front of me. It was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes, and I knew it was a message of encouragement. The next day, I saw TWO double rainbows, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to recognize my own inner brilliance and joy, once again. 

“In Chinese culture red is symbolic of the feet and violet represents the head. So a Primary Rainbow can be seen to illustrate a human descending from heaven. As stated before, the secondary arc in a Double Rainbow has reversed colors so, since the red is on the bottom and the violet is on top, the human figure is ascending from the material earth to the spiritual heaven. Therefore seeing a Double Rainbow is considered a very auspicious occasion and a reason for reflection and meditation.”&nbsp;

“In Chinese culture red is symbolic of the feet and violet represents the head. So a Primary Rainbow can be seen to illustrate a human descending from heaven. As stated before, the secondary arc in a Double Rainbow has reversed colors so, since the red is on the bottom and the violet is on top, the human figure is ascending from the material earth to the spiritual heaven. Therefore seeing a Double Rainbow is considered a very auspicious occasion and a reason for reflection and meditation.” 


Life is all about shifting, and being open to new information. It doesn't make your prior experiences invalid, it just makes them no longer relevant. You learn the lessons, and you move on. That is the 2018 reality. Being present is the most important tool you can have in today's climate of chaos. 

To learn more about this important energetic tool, email me, or book an appointment. Together, we can navigate these new energies, and you can start to live the life you truly want to create for yourself.  

Navigating the New Energies

Why the Old Ways of Coping are not Working Anymore

2018 has been a rough year for many of us, particularly those of us who thought we had at least some things figured out. Or maybe that is just me....Anyway.......I am humbled and amazed at the many huge shifts that have occurred in my life. At first, I thought I was having a bad day, week, and month, but I soon realized, This is the new vibration. My initial reaction was sorrow, and even anger, as I have "spent all this time and energy" learning how to navigate my life, was that just a waste? However, as I have traveled along, and connected with some amazing, beautiful souls, I realized that we all have the opportunity now, to start anew. As we all know, endings always precede beginnings, and loss opens up new spaces for new energies to come in, if we allow it. 

To Truly Allow, One Must Be Fully Present

To be present is one of those sayings that has been way over used, and many times, for the speaker's own gain. An ex boyfriend used to urge me to "stay present" because he wanted me to forget all his past behavior so that he could continue to energetically drain me. Lessons learned are valuable, and then you move on. The lesson remains, and we are able to set a clearer boundary with that information. The act of staying present is actually to be participating in the moment with your full attention and intention. The energies of the past are unchangeable, and the events of the future are unattainable, so does it not make more sense to simply be here now?

Spring is Here

Spring is Here


When you Ask, Be Ready to Receive

Setting intentions is like lighting a fire: Be ready to become ignited. In order to bring in new things, you must first release old patterns and habits that have held your old ways in place. You will be challenged to change those patterns, leave those old energies behind, so that you may step into the empowerment that you have been asking for. Change is good, and the more you can tell yourself this, the closer you are to creating positive forward momentum in your life. 

I am focused on staying present and being open to change in my life. I realize that what I have seen as chaos is actually many of my old patterns and limiting beliefs falling away. The desires of my heart have shifted, and with that, I am seeing new opportunities and doors are opening that I never dreamed even existed. I grieve the losses and respect the people who are going a different way. Everyone is exactly where they need to be, including me.

What will you allow and release today? Be present, and allow change to introduce itself to you as a new friend. Become aware of your limiting beliefs and ask for support if you need it. Be mindful of your path, and walk with confidence. You are in the NOW. 

How to Attract the Love you Want

As I surrender to the flow, I am finding a new peace, and I trust it. Trust has historically been such a difficult place for me. I was raised that to trust, is to be hurt, and so, I learned not to. Ironically, it probably created MORE pain for me, because if I had kept looking for a trustworthy adult to help me, I might have found it. But, I digress. The pain of this era was such a wonderful teacher, 45 years later, as I have finally found the place within myself that allows me to accept and enjoy love, without anxiety or expectations. The interesting part is, the love I see now is NOT the love I thought I saw previously. I have learned that the love we seek in others is the love we see in ourselves, meaning, if you have a sense of self loathing, or lack of respect for yourself, you will attract that over and over. One way to test how you feel about yourself is to watch how you treat yourself when you make a mistake. Do you talk trash to yourself, or do you accept your mistake as part of your humanness? If you are engaging in any kind of negative self talk, calling yourself names, etc, then you are attracting people who will mirror that for you.  


Not too long ago, I came across an email account that I had forgotten about. I mean, seriously, how many gmail accounts does one person need? Anyway, when I opened up this account, there were 12 unread messages, and a few of them were from clients, asking about services. One of them was 3 months old. I felt myself starting in with, "Wow, Andrea, what an IDIOT you are......" But then, I realized what I was doing, and I stopped. This happened exactly as it was supposed to, and it is all in perfect divine flow. I relaxed, and then, I called the man who had emailed me all those months ago. We had a wonderful conversation, and I explained to him what happened, revealing my humanness, and he told me he felt encouraged that he isn't the only one who does things like that. My lack of judgment for myself, resulted in growth for him, as well as me. We met up the next day, and had a very thought provoking and healing session. We both left with smiles and good energies flowing. The ripples of good vibes continued throughout the day, and I spread the love all over the place. I had so much, it was overflowing!  

Look for the magic in your life every day!&nbsp;

Look for the magic in your life every day! 

We have so many opportunities in each day to lift ourselves up, or keep ourselves down. In the same way, we do this for others. Our choices and thought patterns are key indicators to what we will attract on any given day. Try this: for ONE day, resolve to take EVERYTHING that happens, and make it positive. Find the silver lining, no matter what. Depending on how deeply you are entrenched in it, it may be very challenging, and you will make mistakes......which is a perfect time to celebrate yourself instead of beating yourself up! My close friend likes to make fun of himself for being "human" and it is hilarious! "Silly humans, look at us!" When you shine the light of awareness on your darkness, the cockroaches scatter, ie, your thoughts will break up in the light.  

Love yourself, however cliche that sounds, because you are wonderful! Enjoy being human, and embrace all of you, the shadows are only there because of the light that forms around them. It is all part of your beauty and the magnificent tapestry that is YOU <3 

A Relationship That Lasts Forever

Relationships are changing, and the divorce rate is at an all time high, as is depression, and suicide. I see this alarming trend as an indication of a paradigm shift. This is not your parent's relationship anymore. We have to find our own truth and happiness, and start living from the love we have for ourselves, instead of looking for it in others. The time is NOW! 

"Once upon a time" has been replaced with "living in the now" and "going with the flow". Our parents raised us to create the same kind of relationships they have, and their parents had, and so on. However, the energy of the planet has shifted and changed so much, that these co-dependent connections no longer work, in the long term. That is why there is such a high rate of divorce, and why so many people are finding themselves single, or unable to find connections. What I have found is that, we are all being asked to step into who we are, ALONE, and finding happiness within, BEFORE we are to step into a love connection. Instead of the old, "You complete me" paradigm, we are moving into, "I am so happy and fulfilled, as are you, let's share our happiness with the world together!". No longer is it serving us to spend all our time with our "better half", rather, we are each taking space to do the things that we love, with other friends, and then coming together with our love partner for more intimate pursuits. Sometimes, you will do things together, but many times, you will both be off pursuing your passions, and are happy for each other to be doing what makes the heart soar! We do not require another person to validate us or fulfill us; we can find that ourselves. It has taken me many years to navigate this new energy, but, for the first time in my adult life, I do not feel sad that I am not in a relationship. I feel excited that I am finding happiness in myself, and this means that no one can take it away! I used to give away all my power in love, and match my energy to the man. Whatever he wanted to do, I was there, whether I liked it or not. I was unconsciously following the old pattern of "Be who and what HE wants" and I never really truly learned who I was, or what I wanted. It was a constant issue, as I watched one relationship after another fail miserably. 

YOU are your own source of happiness&nbsp;

YOU are your own source of happiness 


I am building a new paradigm for myself, and as I talk to others, I find that they are also struggling to make the old patterns work. It is exciting for me to be on the forefront of this movement, where I do not NEED a man, or a relationship, to be happy and fulfilled. I have carved out my own utopia, and I am open to sharing that with a partner, but I do not HAVE to, in order to be happy. I will CHOOSE to, when, and IF, the right person comes along. 

Some of you are probably wondering about sex, and I will freely admit that I do miss intimacy, BUT I have learned that, when I am happy and fulfilled with my personal passions and empowerment, it is not nearly as important as it used to be. Many of us use sexual energy to heal our sadness, I would even venture to say that MOST of us have, at some point, had a sex addiction, as it releases "happy hormones", and can definitely create a temporary sense of contentment. But, when that feeling wears off, you seek it again, and the cycle continues. When you are with a partner who has their own happiness, and you have yours, you will enjoy being with them in whatever capacity presents itself. Taking a walk, watching a movie, cooking a meal together, takes on a whole new meaning, when neither of you is stuck in your ego. Conversations are so stimulating that you may prefer to talk all night, instead of sex. I know, it sounds crazy, but I promise, it is true, and it is amazing! 

In summary, relationships are changing, and the only way to find the perfect mate, is to find the perfect YOU. You will attract the person you want, by embodying those traits you seek. If you find yourself in an endless parade of love connections, and you swear you are "doing it right", but nothing is working out, consider a dating hiatus. Take yourself on dates, walks, focus on who you are, what you want to create for yourself, and watch your happiness grow. Before you know it, someone will start walking alongside you, and you may not even realize it, at first, but your love connection will grow from the seeds of individual contentment, rather than a paradigm of codependency. 

Wishing you all much love on this glorious day! 

How to Create Wonderful Things for Yourself

A wise teacher once told me, "We create everything that happens in our lives, and we are never victims. So, if you find yourself excelling at creating terrible things for yourself, you are a very powerful creator, so what if you used that power to create amazing things for yourself?" I have experienced different levels of this phenomenon, and one of the most recent was one of the most profound yet:

My birthday month!&nbsp;

My birthday month! 

I was at the Post Office (PO) the other day, and, when I walked in, all the open windows were busy, and 2 men were in line. I took my place behind them, and began to wait. It soon became apparent that it was going to take a much longer time than any of us had anticipated, and people grew impatient. The man at the front of the line started tapping his parcel impatiently against the counter. I felt myself responding to the energy, and became agitated, as well. Angry thoughts were racing through my head, as I started tapping my foot and sighing. I turned around, and saw the bushes outside, and suddenly, I realized, “I can change this experience! I have tools!” I felt my body automatically ground, and I began to ground and own the building, then, one by one, I grounded all the people in the place, and hooked them up with a golden cord to creator, for healings, if they wanted one. The man in the front was the angriest, his energy was black, so I bubbled him up, to shield the rest of us from being affected. Seconds, later, he turned to the man behind him and commented that he could deliver this package himself, in the time it was taking. I asked him where it was being shipped to, and he explained that it had been delivered to his mailbox by mistake, and he was just trying to get it back to the PO, for an in town delivery. I told him he could put it in any mailbox and they would take it for him, if he just wrote, “delivered to wrong address” on the parcel. No need to wait in line! He thanked me, and left. ONE DOWN. Next, the man in front of me turned around and showed me his letter, which was stamped and addressed, “Can I just put this in the mailbox, too?” I told him yes, and as he left, I shouted out, “TWO DOWN!” And everyone laughed. He grinned and waved.  Just then, a window opened up and it was my turn! The postal worker, looking harried, barely looked at me as I approached the window, “May I help you?” I smiled and waited for her to look up. When she did, I looked her in the eye, and told her, “You are doing a fantastic job, with all these impatient people in line!” Her entire face changed, and opened up with her beautiful smile. She thanked me and shared a little of her frustration, and as I finished up my business and made my way out, I had a HUGE smile on my face, too.

In the days since, I have been able to turn around a couple of other situations by simply using these tools, and it has been astounding. I have begun to realize that I can apply these tools to anything I am struggling with, which is absolutely empowering, and can be for you, as well! Your thoughts eventually shape your reality, so by simply realizing that one fact, you can begin to shift. When you feel yourself starting negative self talk, or attempting to shift the blame to someone else (victim space), you can shift the energy into empowerment and start to really be conscious of how much you are allowing others to "drive your car" and move into a different role for yourself. Many people are struggling with powerlessness in light of the current political climate, and that has created a shift in levels of depression, and anger. Hopefully, you can come to a place where you realize that your fear, anger, etc. is actually gasoline on an already blazing fire, since the things you pour your energy into, are the things that grow, and expand. Once you realize that, it is a short leap to begin to shift it, and focus on positive change, and begin creating change with compassion, and love. 

Before you ask, NO, every day is not amazing for me. MOST days are amazing, but I am also on my journey, and trust me, we are ALL feeling the intense energies happening on the planet right now. I had a day last week where I sobbed like a baby for a day, which is great, because I got to clear some really painful energies, which were obstacles on the path that I have chosen. I don't really subscribe to the "no pain, no gain" belief, but sometimes it IS like that. 

If you would like to learn more, email me, using the contact form, and let's talk. I have some classes coming up, and I also offer individual sessions, via Skype or phone. My goal is to help others discover their inner gifts and power, so that we can create the tomorrows that will serve the highest good of all, and the planet. We all deserve happiness and love, and it begins AND ENDS with YOU <3 

Living Consciously

Time is.... too slow for those who wait
Too swift for those who fear
Too long for those who grieve
Too short for those who rejoice
.....But for those who love, Time is not. ~Henry Van Dyke~

I love the above poem, it has been one of my favorites since I was a very young girl. Before I ever heard of Eckhart Tolle, before I ever read The Four Agreements, my higher self knew the truth: enjoy each moment, for it is all you have. Appreciate what is right in front of you, and enjoy it as much as possible. I once heard Pema Chodron talk about being in the moment with brushing her teeth. How many things do we do in a day on autopilot? How many times have you driven home and not really remembered the trip? 

Recently, I realized that my self imposed dating hiatus has stretched from six months, to eight, and soon will be coming up on a year! I am a little impressed with myself, if I am honest. I mean, I used to be desperately afraid of being alone, and now, I feel pretty comfortable with it. I will always enjoy being with people, I AM an extrovert, but these days, I have found a happy balance. I recently met someone who I briefly considered for a possible partner, but it soon became obvious that we were just to be friends, and I am happy with that. I no longer need to sexualize all my experiences, because I understand my value is much more than that, and I value myself, as well as my friends, in ways that FAR transcend mere physical intimacy. I enjoy hugs, and conversations, in ways that I had never really allowed in the past, since I was so busy focusing on the sexual energy. 

The other amazing thing that has happened since I took my focus off dating, is that my creativity has exploded, resulting in new creative outlets, and a couple of new business ventures. I have been asked to teach meditation at a local school, and my Unicorn Alchemy business is booming! I was able to leave my job at the flower shop, and focus on what I love FULL TIME! Dating never helped me with any of that stuff, but I sure spent a TON of time and energy on it. Retrospection is an interesting tool. You can use it to punish yourself, or to validate yourself. Honestly, I struggle with it from time to time, but I like to think that most of the time, I use it for validation. 

I still have days where I feel sad, and allow myself to fantasize about having a partner who totally gets me and appreciates my value, but I don't get lost in those things any longer. I have amazing friends, a career that I am passionate about, and a healthy body which takes me places every day! 

Welcoming 2017

As some of you know, 2017 ushered in some very intense energies, and I was immediately thrown into a purge of great magnitude. To put it in simple terms: I got SICK. I have never personally experienced an exorcism, but I would imagine it was very similar to my sickness. I have been studying energy work for the better part of the last decade, and one of my biggest paradigm shifts is the one of physical illness. When your body is moving a lot of energy, you may feel run down, and tired. If you "push through" this sensation, and drink a bunch of coffee, ignoring your body's need to rest, you will likely become sidelined by illness. I am usually fairly adept at listening to my body, but apparently, I needed a LONG rest, and I was sick for about 3 weeks. I have just now started to feel somewhat normal, but I do notice that I am still needing quite a bit of sleep. 

I was forced to stay in bed for days, and even though I felt some better each day, it was in very tiny increments. One day, I went to the store and that exhausted me. The only thing I could do was sit on the couch, or at my computer, as I was coughing too much to talk on the phone, and I certainly didn't want to have people over, as both my sons became ill, as well. We were a house of quarantine, and snowed. I had to laugh, as one of the hardest things for me to do is to stay home, and just sit around. I HATE feeling non productive, and I HATE isolation even more. Each day bled into the next, my own version of Groundhog Day. What was I supposed to be looking at? I sat in meditation hour upon hour, clearing energies, looking at situations, and generally just surrendering to what was happening, or, more accurately, what wasn't happening. 

Finally, one day, I woke up, and I started to think about all the things that I could do alone. I love to cook, and be in nature, and I love to write. I also really love Alchemy, and that is clearly on this next part of my life path. So, I decided, as I felt well enough, I would start to do as many of those things every day, as I could. A shift began to occur, as I focused more on what I could do alone, and less on others and what I wanted to do with them. Balance is key here, as I definitely enjoy the company of others, but I realized that I have become almost too dependent on that, and when someone could not make time for me, it would trigger my abandonment issues. I realized that I have been abandoning MYSELF.

My situation is a bit different than some, as I do not have a family that is there for me. I have zero safety net. My friends are my family, and so, when I feel them pulling away, for whatever reason, I begin to panic and become clingy. I have not trusted that I could be there for myself. I have not understood, until now, that I am a wise and very strong being, and I can do this, all alone. Having said that, I LOVE my friends, and I also know that I will never HAVE to do it alone, but it is a quiet certainty, that I am going to be fine, even if I only have myself to rely upon. That is the balance that I am finding, and it is supremely empowering. My world is exploding right now, with abundance, love, and happiness. And you know why? Because I am on my Island, I am exuding all those things, and so they are magnetized to me. 

I want to tell you today, my friends: YOU can do this. You have power inside you, and you don't have to go through what I did in order to access this power. You may have to sit with your pain, and you may have to battle addictions, or distractions, but let me tell you: You have this power, we all do, it is your job to find your own personal key, to your own personal Island, inside yourself. Connecting with your passions, what brings you joy, is a very important first step. Follow your truth, and pay attention to what you are creating. Everything that "happens" to you is a creation of your own energies. Learn to recognize and shift those energies, and you have the world on a string. 

Sending blessings and love to you all! 

The Island of Love

I keep thinking about that saying, "No man is an island," and I have to say, I disagree. I think we are each our own island, and your thoughts, actions, and intentions create the type of island you exist upon. I had a vision about a year ago, and I really didn't know what it meant in the beginning, but now, I have a greater understanding of it. At the time, I was in a very painful relationship, where I sacrificed my happiness and love for myself because I had a belief that relationships were about that. 

I am on an island, surrounded by trees, and the trees are flowering white blooms, which are slowly falling around me. There is a light balmy wind blowing, and I am spinning slowly, arms outstretched, wearing a white dress, with a crown of white flowers. I am beaming, happy, and I am clearly ALONE. Off to the side, I become aware of a bridge, and I go over to look up the bridge, where I see a man (my current love) standing at the top of the bridge, smiling at me. I run to him, and we embrace.”
Island in the Sun

Island in the Sun

I realized that I must find my own happiness and love (my island), and if he, or anyone else, wants to be with me, they are welcome on my island, where I have all my own love and happiness to share. one can take it with them, and no one can effect how I feel. Don Miguel Ruiz, in "The Mastery of Love," calls it, the "magic kitchen." People have to build their own bridges to my island, I am not responsible for doing their work for them. The key is, the bridge must be built with love. No anger, or fear, or pain will build a bridge to my island. Everyone is responsible for their own island, and if you want to live in happiness and love, YOU MUST CREATE IT for yourself. We can all visit each other on our islands, and together, we can create a network of love, and happiness, and a world where we validate and support each other. My vision is for all of us, and a new paradigm which I am choosing for myself, and anyone who wants to join me, is welcome. The trick is, You cannot connect your bridge to my island until you have completed your personal journey. Only those who resonate with my energy completely are able to connect. 

This is not to say that I am the only energy that is "good," or that I am the only one with the "answer," and I can't stress this enough. Everyone creates the world they want, and boundaries create the edges of your own island. There are so many different paths, and we are all on our own journey. You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be, and you will connect with those who resonate with that. There is no good, bad, higher, or lower, there is only DIFFERENT. An old saying that comes to mind is "misery loves company." Wherever you are, you will find validation for that, if that is where you need to stay. For example, a person who is very depressed, tends to find others who are very depressed. They are MATCHING each other's energy. This will result in both people staying in that energy, until one or both decide that they do not want to be depressed any longer. Often, this is the end of the friendship, and the person who wants to stay in that agreement of depression, often feels betrayed and abandoned. Society has taught us that we must stay in these relationships. because otherwise, we are "not a good friend" or "disloyal." This could not be further from the truth. Friendships can evolve, certainly, but if you wish to move into a different space, and the other person does not, why would you abandon YOURSELF in this quest? We are not responsible for other people's choices. We are only responsible for following the path of our own truth, in the kindest and gentlest way possible. 

White blossoms represent freedom!

White blossoms represent freedom!

In the example of my ex-boyfriend, I had to set a very clear boundary, and if he wants to build his bridge, he is welcome on my island. But he has lots of pain to work through, and lots of old patterns to shed and shift before he can be part of my network. I send him love when I can, energetically, but I will not, cannot, go to his island of pain. I grieve the loss, but in the end, he made his choice, over and over again, and I choose LOVE. I choose ME, and my path of truth. 

Holidaze....and other phenomena

I work in retail, and this year has been amazingly quiet. People just aren't spending money, and I think that is a good and bad thing. It is good, because I have always abhorred consumerism, and it is also bad, because it seems to come from people being super depressed and not having money TO spend. I wonder if money is the root of it all, and then I realize it is much deeper than that. We have been conditioned to value money over happiness, that money IS happiness, and STUFF brings us joy. All of that last sentence is FALSE, and even dangerous, as it threatens the very threads of our existence. It has become common to hear, "all you need is love" and "money can't buy happiness," but I really always thought those were things said by those who never had to go without a meal, or heat, or any other necessity. When your basic needs aren't being met, you are in a different category, and I fervently hope that we can bridge that gap soon, as it greatly distresses me that there are some who have WAY more than they need, and then we have some with not enough to survive. That seems like the biggest farce of this broken economy. But I won't digress into a political tirade, as this is not really what this blog is about.  

Spending time in nature is healing for me

Spending time in nature is healing for me

I have been on every level of wealth, and I can relate, wherever you are. I have been homeless, and I have been in the top 3%. I can tell you that neither place brought me happiness, but that is putting it very simply. When I was without a place to sleep, I relied on others' kindness, and it was deeply humbling. I felt totally lost and sad. Once I got back on my feet, I swore to always help others in need, and I have. But I also know that there is a fine line between enabling someone, and supporting their growth. Some people get stuck in that space of apathy, and they remain homeless, on welfare, because they are angry at society, and they have given up on trying to make something of themselves, because they have been hurt and cut down too many times. In those cases, they will depend on everyone else indefinitely, and I have learned the hard way that I cannot help them, and if I try, it will only drain me. 

When I was rolling in money, it was equally depressing, but only because I felt as though I had reached the top, and I was confused as to why I wasn't happy. It was ultimately deflating to realize that no amount of money could resolve the deep ache within my heart, or take away the pain that I had run from and tried to distract myself from, for so many years. So, I moved on, and decided to address the pain head on. Thus began my journey of delving into the inner darkness from which I had shied away for so long. That was 12 years ago, and my journey has finally reached a point where I am content, most of the time, I am learning about my inner light, and I have surrounded myself with wonderful friends who support my upwards growth and offer loving guidance if i should need it. They are reflecting the inner light which I have cultivated, and it is amazing to behold. I don't have a lot of money, but my needs are met, and I do not wish for more. I am satisfied, because I do not have deep dark holes of pain to fill, and I have released the need for others to fill those spaces for me. So I enjoy my alone time, as well as friend time, and I love to connect with nature, and I have several passions and hobbies that I enjoy. My life is full and balanced, for the most part. 

A stairway on the alternate route which is more difficult, but saves a lot of time

A stairway on the alternate route which is more difficult, but saves a lot of time


I am not saying it is without challenge, from time to time, and I certainly have days where I cry and feel sad, and once in a while I feel deep anger, but I enjoy these experiences because they give me contrast, and it is the experience of being human, and being alive. Not too long ago, I found myself in a tough emotional spot, and I was able to step back from it and laugh at myself, thinking, "Well, this pain shows me that I am LIVING, and connected to my emotions, and that is something I have never experienced before." The contrast is that, all those years ago, I LIVED in pain, and life was punctuated with spots of happiness, but my baseline was pain. To have that paradigm flipped, is such a gift, and I am eternally grateful for this. 

This Christmas was very quiet, and I spent time with a dear friend, but most everyone stayed home or very close to home. At first, I felt sad, but then I realized that sometimes, a quiet cave is just what you need. Just because everyone else seems to be with family, and I have chosen to step away from that toxic situation for the time being, doesn't mean I am doing it wrong. I am just on my own path, and it is one that works for me. I won't venture off that path, but you can join me anytime. I welcome any and all who want to come along on my adventure. The difference is, I know where I am going, and I know what I want, so there is no reason for me to detour. The old me needed to walk a lot of different paths with different people, and learn some lessons. The pain taught me a lot, and that is why I am able to write these words and feel confident of my direction now. Every path and experience has value. 

Wishing you all JOY and LOVE during this holiday season! 

The Magical Ways of the Universe

In case any of you were wondering what happened to me, my blog, and just in general, well.....firstly, my phone broke. The next day, my computer died. I was left with a tablet, upon which is virtually impossible for me to type a blog. I was able to secure a new phone pretty quickly, but obviously I could not type a blog on that, either. 

My whole plan to share with you my meanderings and revelations about the new relationship paradigm was halted, and now, I know why. I have since realized that my lesson was not complete. The new relationship that I thought I was moving into, abruptly shifted, and while I hope that he and I can eventually pick back up our friendship, all hope of romantic involvement has dissolved. AND that is fine, REALLY. He helped me with some super important lessons and realizations about myself, and I think I also helped him, in the same fashion. 

Just preening around the Universe &lt;3&nbsp;

Just preening around the Universe <3 


So, I have lots and lots to share with you, but for today, I wanted to say Hey, I am back, and I am reconnecting with my writing, and it feels like HOME. I appreciate your support, and all the love that has been sent my way, and WOW, the holidays are here, and the Universe has shown it's magic once again. 

Much love and wishing you all peace and joy today! 

P.S. Check out my new venture, Unicorn Alchemy, I am super thrilled about it! 

The New Relationship Paradigm: Part One

****I have decided to write a series on this subject, as so many people have asked me about it and the lessons keep coming in. I am thrilled to be in a position to share what I have learned, in the hopes that I can help some of you who may be struggling with your own questions, wondering where your happiness has gone, and why. 

I find myself on the cusp of a new paradigm, and so profound is this paradigm that I feel compelled to share. For most of our lives, we have been taught that, in order to be a "good person," we must put others first, and always be kind and loving; "smile, even though your heart is breaking." We're told that no one wants to be around you if you are in pain. Yet somehow, I continue to see an alarming increase in unhappy people, and relationships based on insecurity, unhappiness, obligation, and fear. What are we doing wrong? What happened?

The world as we know it is constantly changing, for the energies coming in are shifting over time to create new spaces, eroding old ones. As we shift our energies, the old ways simply do not apply any longer. Some have asked, "But isn't it still good to be kind and loving?" The answer is still certainly yes...but it is not serving any of us to to force behaviors at the expense of our own happiness and fulfillment.

I have been on this journey for a few years, and I can tell you, in the beginning, I felt like I was the worst person on the planet; others told me that I was being "selfish" and "bitchy." I was so unhappy, and depressed, that I knew I had to change something or I might not make it at all. I isolated myself from most of the world, surrounded myself with those who I knew loved me unconditionally, and focused my energies into that reality. After some time, I had begun to notice that my contact with the outside world and mass public had become markedly easier. I was starting to meet my OWN needs, and so I looked less to others, and more within myself, for the joy and love that creates unending happiness.

As I was less afraid to interact with people I didn't know, I found myself attracting others who resonated with my mentality. I attended my local meditation school and learned how to reach within to generate love boundlessly. I ended up setting a goal for myself to do something nice for someone every day, and I began to WANT to seek out these opportunities. I found that the love inside me has the power to make me even MORE loving to others. This effect has strengthened exponentially as I have moved further into it. Setting boundaries and loving myself has actually created a space for me to share MORE love with others. Imagine that! 


My interpersonal relationships are now based on love, rather than fear. I love myself enough to avoid delving into insecurity, a generator of reality and action where I was so afraid to respond in any other way but how the other person wanted me to, for fear that they wouldn't like me otherwise. I now feel confident that the love I bring to my own life will cause the right people to connect with me, and those who are on a different path will continue on in their own ways. There is no judgement or animosity in that statement. I am focused on being in my truth, therefore I am attracting those who are focused similarly; together, we are individually loving to ourselves, and none of us feel "obligated" to heal the others, simply because we know they can do it themselves. 

In the new relationship paradigm, there is no obligation. Obligation is born of insecurity and the need for constant validation from the world outside of you. When I ask someone if they want to go on a hike with me, and they have other plans, I am just as happy to go on a hike alone, or do something else. I trust that my perceived disappointments are simply The Universe's way of redirecting me. Perhaps I need more time to harness a skill, or time to stay home and write.  I allow the energies that resonate with my being to come in unfettered, without a stifling need to control the flow; in other words, energy untouched by fear. This is true Freedom. 

Stay tuned readers, and I send you love and happiness on this beautiful day! 

Being Human and Loving It!

I wrote a blog about a week ago, and it magically disappeared. I did not have time to write another one, so I suppose the Universe decided that I was not to publish a blog last week. Creative expression is always quite the fickle customer; many times I'll sit in front of this screen and tap away, only to go back and realize I have no idea what I just wrote. This has been happening to me more and more often lately, and while I suppose this type of unconscious channeling is good for the soul, it's not always so enriching for the reader. I have reached a point in my life where I understand, and trust, that when things do not go according to plan, it is for a very good reason. I am still sometimes disappointed, but rarely for long, as I know that something else is coming, something beautiful. I must only keep an open mind and be willing to accept it. 

This past month has been chaotic, yet rich with new ideas and energies flowing into my space with ease. I am reaching into my heart with a new awareness, and a quiet knowing that everything is going exactly as it is supposed to. I observe others fighting this flow and send them love when I can. When I hear others in a negative space, I can send them love, and hold space for their healing. If they look to deny their presence by asking for my opinion, I rarely give it, but I will remind them of their inner light and love. I have my moments (trust me), but I have surrounded myself with friends who do for me what I do for others; they help remind me of the universe's power, when I may waver. 

There are new energies coming into the planet right now, and to flow with them, one must vibrate with the love frequency. If you are not already attuned to that frequency, not already in that space, these new energies may be painful, and it may seem that things have begun to fall apart. Remember, however, that no new project can begin until old projects are complete and cleared from your space. Old energies must move out before new energies can come in. It is a Universal Law. 

As I navigate this part of my journey, I am often asked, "When will you be DONE?" My answer to this is actually quite straightforward. Your journey begins when you are born, and ends when you die; everything in-between is your path, and your path IS your destination.

So if the goal is to simply walk the path, rather than to achieve an arbitrary milestone, what purpose does removing yourself from the immediate joy of the present accomplish? Your journey is now! Enjoy it! You will get to rest along the way, for every journey has stops and starts. You will notice contrasts - good days and bad days - learn to notice and appreciate the difference. When I am having a tough day, I focus on how grateful I am to have such good friends, a nice place to live, etc. When I am having a day in the flow, I reach out to my friends and send love if they need it. I have noticed that, in almost every case, the days I need help, others are doing well, and the days they need help, I am in a good place to help them. Being in the flow has infinite potential to create positive energy. 

I have often pondered the etymology of "being in love," "being in the flow," and all the rest of these assorted new-age phrases, which are largely overused and often misappropriated, so that the user may escape their feelings, or avoid responsibility for their choices and actions. I have had many heated discussions with others in my community about this phenomenon. Regardless of terminology, there are some things that we know to be universal:

Everyone is where they need to be.

I am not responsible for anyone else's choices or feelings.

I AM responsible, however, for the things I say, and the things I do. If I say something unkind (yeah....I do sometimes lose my space!), I will apologize. If I - unintentionally or not - do something to hurt another, I will apologize.

My mission is to spread love and kindness, and leave my Ego out of the equation. If I want others to be open to my message, I must first believe it, then I must live it. When I lose my space (if I get mad, say something mean, etc.), I recognize it, accept that it happened...then move forward. I share my experiences with others, so that they can see how I also struggle with energies.

For others to walk alongside you, they must first see that you walk with a purpose, and a belief that the work you do is in harmony with the universe. Only leading by example creates truth.

Be well my friends. I am sending a massive dose of love your way today!