My first 30 years on the planet were spent worrying about what others thought of me, trying to be a "good person", and focusing on my physical looks, so that I could achieve the "American dream" of getting married, settling down, and having kids. After I got everything I thought I wanted, I realized that I was largely unfulfilled and unhappy, so I began to look around for options outside of that belief system.

I was blessed to discover a wonderful meditation and higher learning center, which I attended for almost a decade. I have studied energetic principles and practiced meditation for the past 13 years, and the discovery of my inner truth and happiness has led me to offer these tools and modalities to others. 

If you have reached success in some parts of your life, yet still find happiness elusive, these tools can help you reach the next level of personal power and abundance. Meditation and Energy Work is a respected and effective modality for relieving depression, assisting with anger management, breaking destructive relationship patterns, and providing clarity and certainty for your next move. 


Please find, below, a short video, which will lead you through a 4 minute meditation exercise. This is an example of the tools I teach in my classes and private sessions. To discover more, book a private session, where we will explore and delve into your energetic field together. I will give you tools for your journey, and support you energetically in your quest for a fuller, more authentic life. Many reach success; however, few find joy and fulfillment. You can have both, and I am here to show you the way. 

A short video to assist you in grounding and clearing, PLUS, learning to refill after clearing. It is vital that you fill back up with your own pure energy so that you may continue to create and manifest your soul's desire!